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Website booking systems

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Whether your an Mechanic to a Beautician, A booking system can do wonders for your business. A booking system on your website makes it easier to manage and streamline the way your business works. The booking system gives you more time to focus on your work and allows you to automate your customer appointments. Added features such as payment gateways …

How to build a website

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First of all, one thing to note on how to build a website is: A domain name ( purchased by a domain registrar ) hosting account ( purchased and rented by a hosting service ) See our website FAQ for more information on domains and hosting accounts.   There are many options for creating a website…obviously employing a web designer …

Web Design for small businesses

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Web Design for small businesses in Ireland can be a daunting subject. There are many reasons for this such as, not knowing how valuable a business website is.... or being afraid that they wont be able to afford a professional website. Or maybe you are the lucky company that is just too busy to be bothered looking into it. For ...