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Want to sell products online?

It can be a daunting task for any business to make the push for E-commerce web design.
But, In this day and age it has come to be a necessity.

Whether your a hobbyist who wants to sell your craft-ware, to SME’s who want to invest in their online business, it is a serious decision to create an online store/E-commerce website.

Where there is a will there is a definitely a way…


Where most of the costs comes in…

How much an e-commerce site costs is really based on how many products you have and the custom work that’s needed, if any.
More products means more time…
There are some tricks that a web-designer can use, when you have a massive list of products.
But, it still needs some heavy grunt work.


If you are only starting out or want to start with a small list of products…

Creating an e-commerce website can be done quickly and cost efficiently.

You have your E-commerce website up and running…what next?

The task of building a strong marketing strategy and brand awareness for your E-commerce website is the next thing you will need to focus on.

Having a brand new website is like having an Island in the middle of the ocean…Its not connected to anything.

What this means is without strong SEO and marketing strategies your website It will not show up on google or any search engine.
It may take months to years to organically show on google if nothing is done.
It may not show up at all.
There any many factors to gaining visibility on search engines…

Look at my post on Seo for your local business for more information.

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