SEO for your local business in ireland

SEO for your local business

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As I am based in the midlands, Portlaoise in county Laois to specific, I thought it would be great to give a few recommendation for all the sole traders/local business working in a particular vicinity in Ireland…

Targeting specific regions/counties of your work area can save time and money.

 Google Adwords

When it comes to getting your name out there, Google Adwords should be one of your first stops for your online marketing strategy & SEO for your local business.

It make take some financial investment but with the right strategy, it hopefully wont break the bank.

Its always a good idea to target specific locations such as certain counties if in fact you only work in them areas.

It just makes sense not to waste time and money targeting people on the other side of the country for who’s business you wont be needing.

Local SEO

When considering your SEO for your local business site, (see my Web design FAQ for more info on SEO) the same approach can be taken.

One good reason to think local as a sole trader/local business is that competition in your sector online will always be competitive. Selecting the wrong keywords or content to target could make it really difficult to rank for against your competitors. It could also be that your not targeting the right audience with those selected keywords. If this is the case you will definitely be wasting time and money.


Quick tips

Be specific and non general with your keywords strategy if your targeting specific counties for example…this can really help your online marketing strategy.

So when your thinking of your SEO for your local business remember to think local on strategy.


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