Web Design for small businesses

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Web design for small businesses

Web Design for small businesses in Ireland can be a daunting subject.

There are many reasons for this such as, not knowing how valuable a business website is…. or being afraid that they wont be able to afford a professional website.

Or maybe you are the lucky company that is just too busy to be bothered looking into it.

For many sole traders I know the latter can actually be the cause of not having a web site.

A recent client of ours literally didn’t have the time to get one done. When he previously was in contact with another web designer he gave him a list of relevant information that he needed. The client told the designer that he didn’t have the time to complete all the list.

In the end he lost contact with the designer and site never came to fruition.


Thankfully, we are now in the process of creating the website for him.



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